Energy Healing with Reiki



    For People and Animals



                       Balance and Heal

Certified Reiki Master

This gentle yet powerful hands-on–healing
Life-force energy transfer technique is called

“ Reiki ”

which translates from Japanese as

“ Ray of Life ”

About my Reiki Training:

Alexandra Tait has been studying Energy Healing since 1994.  Alexandra Tait became a Reiki master from an Independant school of Reiki in 1999.  She choose to continue her training with John and Lourdes Gray and is now a certified Reiki Master fifth in the lineage of Mikao Usui.   John and Lourdes Gray are fourth in the lineage of Mikao Usui, the original founder of Reiki, in the 1800’s.  John Gray was the first of the original 22 Reiki Masters Madam Takata initiated in the early seventies.  Madam Takata brought Reiki to Hawaii fom Japan in the 1930's.  John Harvey  Gray was the most experienced Reiki Master teacher in the West.

This is authentic Traditional Reiki. 

Master John Harvey Gray has now passed on after a lifelong commitment to teaching authentic Reiki and healing.  His wife Lourdes Gray continues to teach the "Usui-Gray Reiki method of Natural Healing".

Alexandra Tait graduated the year long Intensive Reiki Master Training in August 2004.  Alexandra has three years of prior training in other levels of Reiki with Master Gray and asisting at his Reiki Clinic.

Reiki is very effective for:

  • Emergency situations and long standing illness, pain and discomfort.
  • Pre and post surgery support.
  • Emotional Issues including Depression, Insecurity, feeling Ungrounded and Mental Blocks
  • Healthy people who want to “take it to the next level” in their creativity and spiritual growth/awareness.
  • Clearing energetic blockages, distortions and invasive psychic energy that may be effecting you.
  • People who have trouble sleeping and/or relaxing
  • Exhaustion, Adrenal Burn-out, Back and Neck aches and more…

A Reiki session is deeply relaxing and can be a profound experience.

Sessions last 90 minutes, clothed on a massage table.





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