BREATHWORK is a powerful tool of transformation through air. 

FREE FLOWING BREATH EQUALS LIFE.  Held breath or places in the body that lack oxygen are frequently sites of disease and dis-ease emotionaly.  This technique frees the breath and is fantastic for loosening stuck places emotionaly and physicaly.  I use this technique when the client is aware of an issue but has an overwhelming amount of emotion accompanying the issue.  This is one of the fastest modalities I know of to clear and transform the emotional body.  This technique uses 45 minutes of cathartic breathing on a specific issue to lively music with drums followed by 45 minutes of gentl breathing to tranquil music. 

During this transformation through air method clients frequently report visionary and exctatic experiences. Of course not all clients have these profound experiences however all clients do report transformation of an issue and at the very least major movement of an issue. 

I draw my experience from over 15 years of "breathing" people and getting "breathed" in the breathwork techniques of Vivation, Rebirthing, Holotropic and Transformational Breathwork.


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